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Month: April 2016

BlackBox Stick Overlay on a Mac

I recently started recording my FPV flights and to help me tune my PIDs, I thought I would try overlaying BlackBox data on the video. The flight controller I am using – the XRacer F303 V2 has 16MB (Megabytes, not Megabits) of dataflash, allowing me to log almost one entire flight, even at 1/1 logging at 4 kHz.  The method I originally attempted was the one described in Oscar Liang’s blog post. After waiting a LONG time to render the frames, I ended up with over 13000 pictures that would need to be stitched together. I did not want to spend money on Quicktime Pro to do this and the free tool I was using – Sequimago;  wasn’t able to handle so many pictures at once. I managed to stitch together 20 seconds of video, then I had even more trouble trying to overlay it on the flight video.

While going over the log again, I suddenly realised that Blackbox Explorer extension for Google Chrome had an “import video” option. This was far easier to use than the procedure I was trying earlier. Here are the steps you need to follow to overlay Backbox data on your flight videos:

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Review – Eachine Gemini 2100 2x80W Balance Charger

In this post I will be reviewing the Gemini Dual-Channel (2x)80W balance charger. I would like to thank Banggood for providing this charger for review. Before this, my primary charger was a cheap IMAX B6 clone so when I saw the RCGroups thread on this product it seemed very interesting. This charger can charge all common battery chemistries, has a nice form factor, twice as much power as your average 4-button charger and a built in power supply. You can buy this charger at Banggood.

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