I am a strong supporter of switch arming over stick arming and I believe it is currently the more popular of the two methods. A typical configuration (which I use) is to have a simple two position switch on your radio set to arm/ disarm with airmode always on. However, this also creates the risk of accidentally bumping the arm switch and having your props spin up.  I am guilty of the same mistake – accidentally arming my quad in my hands and cutting my finger. Here are a few screenshots from my Taranis that show the method I use to mitigate this risk:

Essentially what this does is:

  • Set channel 5 (AUX1) to high – arming the quad if BOTH switches are not in the top position
  • Set AUX1 to low – disarming the quad if EITHER switch is in the top position

This means that it is extremely difficult to accidentally arm your quad as you need to flip two switches instead of just one, but it is still as quick and easy to disarm as you just need to flip one switch to the top position. I used the switches SE and SG, but you can use any switches that you are comfortable reaching.