In this post I will take a look at some of the online resources that I found helpful when I was building my first quadcopter (and still find helpful today).

Websites, Blogs and Forums

  • Oscar Liang’s blog – An incredibly helpful blog. This blog has tutorials on almost every topic related to multirotors you can think of. I don’t think I would have been able to get into this hobby without it.
  • RCGroups – One of the largest RC forums out there, there are a huge number of extremely helpful and knowledgeable people who post here. Do note that this forum is massive, and threads often go into hundreds, if not thousands of pages. You are not expected to read entire threads, but it does get kind of tiring for people to have to answer the same questions again and again, so make good use of the ‘Search Forum’ and ‘Search Thread’ features. My advice is to find the threads of the products you are using/ plan to use and read through as much of them as you can and then follow them regularly. Right now, there are 14 extremely active threads that I follow religiously and several more that I follow via email subscription. These include the threads for products that I use – RCX motors, Little Bee ESCs, and the APM; firmware development – Betaflight, Raceflight, Multishot, BLHeli; as well as random threads that pique my interest like the Über Design Ü180, Turnigy Graphene, Armattan Productions etc. Some of them, like the Betaflight thread move insanely fast, and can have over 20 new pages a day.

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