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Use your Android phone/ tablet as a DVR with EasyCap

In this post I will be showing you how you can use an Easycap AV to USB adapter to use an Android phone or tablet as a secondary FPV display or DVR. It is probably not a good idea to use as a primary FPV display as it introduces extra latency in the system. This is what you need:

  • Easycap USB adapter. You can buy it from somewhere else but make sure it has the UTV007 or HTV600 chipset or else it won’t work with Android
  • USB OTG cable
  • EasyCap Viewer App.
  • Screen recording app of your choice. I use AZ Screen Recorder.
  • A video receiver (which you should already have);

Hardware Setup

The pictures below show the Easycap itself, as well as the AV cable that came with my video receiver

Easycap adapter

Easycap adapter

FR632 AV Cable

FR632 AV Cable

I cut all the wires except the one with the yellow plug short (from both the Easycap and FR632 cable). I also cut off the yellow plugs and removed the outer sheath from the wire. You can choose to use an RCA male-to-male adapter but i felt that soldering would be neater. The picture below shows the inside of each cable. On the left is the FR632 video cable and on the right is the Easycap video cable. For the FR632, the bare copper is ground and the yellow wire is video. For the Easycap, the white wire is ground and red is video. I used longer wires to connect video to video and ground to ground.

Left: FR632 Right: Easycap

Left: FR632
Right: Easycap

The final result will be something like this:

Final cable. Long connecting wires not shown

Final cable. Long connecting wires not shown

Software Setup and Usage

Now you can plug the Easycap into your device via the OTG cable. You may need to change some settings in order to use OTG devices. Plug the other end of the cable into an AV out port from the video receiver and power it up. Also power up your quadcopter/ video transmitter. Now, when you start the Easycap Viewer app you should be able to see the feed from your quadcopter. You can use the screen recorder app to record your flights from Easycap Viewer. Just start screen capture, open Easycap viewer, fly and stop recording when you’re done. You can also use this to show other people what it’s like to fly FPV. I will post a recording of a flight (with the Easycap) as soon as I get the chance.

I hope you found this post helpful

Update: September 3 2016.

Here is the long overdue example of a DVR recording from my Easycap:

The quality is reasonably good, but the Easycap itself is quite annoying to set up every time. Considering that the new Eachine ProDVR is only 18$, and is far more convenient to use (just wire it to your video receiver with a 5V power source and press a button to start recording), I have decided to use that from now on. It does have some issues however; it needs a firmware update to be able to record in modes other than VGA (D1 and HD) and it will crop out the bottom of the image if you are using PAL

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